SAXON - British Steel Wheels Keep Rolling Page 4
By Martin Popoff

"Well, obviously the people who pre-ordered the album in America and Canada will get the live album (laughs). But I don't really know how many are coming to America. I mean, they're doing a first run of 60,000 in Europe, which is quite a lot for a first run these days. So I don't know. It was my idea and it's gone a bit crazy because everybody wants them (laughs). I did meet a couple of guys the other day on the train from Zurich to Paris who came from Canada and they had already gotten it pre-ordered (laughs). But in terms of touring, we start in Europe on the 10th of October and we obviously can't do all of Europe in three months so we have to start again after Christmas. It's very, very hard to tour America. Because in some places we're absolutely massive and in other places we mean diddley squat. I mean, we played Wacken a couple of weeks ago with the eagle and everything, and our profile is very high at the moment and everyone loves the new album and we'd love to go there. We're looking for a package basically, which is what I was going to say. SPV has quite a few acts now and they have their own company over in America, or rather in Vancouver. Maybe early spring. Because you know, we could do Texas and we could do the Midwest and do really well, but you're talking three weeks; it's really not long enough. And it's not really down to the money in America. We lose money every time we come, actually. It's not down to that. It's just that we have to get there for our fans. You know, we have fans there, and we'd like to play to all our fans eventually (laughs). We're a very loyal band, really. And if somebody is into the band, we pretty much are going to try to get to their town."