SAXON - Biff! Bang! Pow! Page 4
by Martin Popoff

"I would say this album it's 50-50 between Doug and Paul. Obviously Nibbs is contributing as well in this. He plays guitar, as do I. We're all musicians - this is the thing. But yeah, Doug and Paul are 50-50 on this, really. I think Doug came up with a lot of Lionheart, but I think Paul came up with quite a bit of this album. And I think their solo work is actually stunning on this album."

The stars may not be aligned yet, says Biff, for a proper assault on these shores. "Well, at the moment, to be fair, the main countries we're attacking on this album are France, England, Spain and Italy. But we do have a new agent now, a big agency, and he's just been in America trying to put things together for us. So there are some things happening there. Because, you know, going there and just doing a few/couple of club shows and coming back, is really... it's all right, it's nice to travel around and meet with people, but we really need a concerted effort to do a full-on tour to make any sort of impact. Some package tours with some other bands, really. But we don't want to tell people we're coming to America and then not come again. We're not doing that anymore, with the visas and all the rest of the stupid things that happened down in South America. So when we come to America, we'll be coming properly. And we'll be letting everybody know when we come, basically. This album is getting fantastic reviews here, and tons of airplay, and we just need a bit of a break in America, to get some airplay. Getting on a couple stations would help, with the kids picking up on the album, from a cult point of view. We just need to be rediscovered."