SAXON - Strong Arm Of The Lore Page 4
by Martin Popoff

"Like I say, it was our very first roll of success there, with Wheels Of Steel, so it was just a snapshot of what was happening in England," continues Biff in closing. "People were into us, weren't they? So it's a good snapshot of what the '80s thing was, especially for a lot of the younger fans, and obviously people abroad who weren't there. So I think with this album, and that one together, it's a great package. You can hear the similarities in the band. But shortly after that we went out with Judas Priest in Europe, which was our first European tour. So yeah, it was a great time, actually. I think it was a milestone for the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, because it was the first time that a band from it, like us, got to play in front of 70,000 people, really, to play our style of music, which was a lot more aggressive, a lot more sort of working class audience-oriented, rather than superstars playing long solos and things (laughs)."