Biff Byford on SAXON's new Sacrifice Page 2
by Tim Henderson

Besides the new material, Saxon will also be adding some unique recordings of revisited classic to certain formats of the release, also produced by Byford and mastered by Andy Sneap, including an orchestrated version of 'Crusader' and an acoustic version of 'Frozen Rainbow'.

"From the songs to the production, I wanted to focus on the raw aspects which made us great in the first place," concludes Biff, "And living in that rawness, combined with some great classic Saxon-songwriting, has in my opinion made Saxon fresher than ever."

Sacrifice tracklisting:

'Made In Belfast'
'Warriors Of The Road'
'Guardians Of The Tomb'
'Stand Up And Fight'
'Walking The Steel'
'Night Of The Wolf'
'Wheels Of Terror'
'Standing In A Queue'

Bonus track:
'Luck Of The Draw' (iTunes only)

Bonus Disc:
'Crusader' (Orchestrated version)
'Just Let Me Rock' (Re-recorded version)
'Requiem' (Acoustic version)
'Frozen Rainbow' (Acoustic version)
'Forever Free' (Re-recorded version)

Biff Byford on SAXON's new Sacrifice Page 3