OLIVER DAWSON SAXON - "You Never Lose Sight Of What You Start With"
by Martin Popoff

Classic-era SAXON guitarist Graham Oliver and bassist Steve Dawson (co-founders as well, back to the SON OF A BITCH days) have had their legal scraps with Biff and the boys over the years. But the unit known as OLIVER DAWSON SAXON have now stepped past straight celebration of the Saxon catalogue into a whole new realm - a full record of originals, with the catchy title of Motorbiker, which came out in February on Angel Air.

"Well basically, it's what me and Graham do best," begins Dawson (you can hear for yourself at www.metalthunder.co.uk, where all the record's tracks can be sampled). "We only know one sort of way to write songs and perform them. And I would say it's more in the era of Wheels Of Steel/Strong Arm Of The Law. But obviously we've gotten older and wiser, and modern technology allows you to do certain things with the sound. But basically it's just a hard rock album, maybe metal, in the spirit of that era - in that classic Saxon tradition."

Hence, one can find the anthemic, songs that stick in the head, because, well, they're songs. "Yes, well, I think basically, what really set us apart from the other bands of that time, was that we wrote more of what you could call a song, rather than just a riff with lyrics, you know what I mean? If you look at songs like '747' and 'Wheels Of Steel', and maybe 'Bands Played On', it's more of a tune than just a clichˇ heavy metal riff, I would think, with a singer who sings at the top of his voice."

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