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by Martin Popoff

"With Motorbiker, first song is called 'Chemical Romance', which is obvious," says Steve asked for a quick tour of the record. "It's about drugs, and it's how people end up getting themselves messed up with it. And then there's 'Motorbiker', which is about motorcycles, and how great it is to be on a motorcycle, and then the next one, #3, 'Whipping Boy', that's about how women bully men. And then we've got 'No Way Out', which is about the war between Germany and England, and it just goes on and on. We've got another one called 'Sinternet', which is about the perils of young people being on the Internet, and how people can take advantage of you. In general, I think when you hear this record, it will be... not a shock, or not how good it is, but how mature it is - and raw. You know, we've really stripped this back. There's not like thousands and thousands of guitars. Everything is there, in-your-face."

And why Motorbiker? I mean, one supposes it's obvious, given Saxon's perennial links to the biker community... "Well, in the first instance, both myself and Biff had motorcycles," explains Dawson. "And obviously that came through in songs like 'Stallions Of The Highway' and 'Motorcycle Man' and stuff like that. But, really, the connection to the motorbiking world didn't come from us. Because the bikers in the Hells Angels and people like that, they picked up on it and sort of made it their anthem. And they approached us to play lots and lots of their shows, and we still do now. I mean, as far as our version of Saxon is concerned, we play loads and loads of concerts for the motorcycle people."

"We've never, ever had a problem with any Hells Angels show, motorcycles... they've always been fantastic," continues Steve. "And they've always treated us with utmost respect. The only bit of trouble we ever had, with anything to do with motorcycles, was we did a motorcycle festival in the southern part of Italy, and they insisted on taking us to the stage on five Harley-Davidsons. But trying to ride on the back of a Harley-Davidson holding a bass, you can't do it. It's quite difficult, because you can't hold on. And a lot of those motorcycles aren't made for two people. And because I couldn't put my... there was nowhere to put me leg. Me right leg was on the exhaust pipe (laughs), so by the time we got to the stage, which was about a quarter mile ride, I had burned through my trousers and scorched me leg."

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