SAXON - War Is Coming! Page 3
by Tim Henderson

The REAL Saxon - "There's one thing I wish to clear up, that neither me nor Biff could claim to be the real Saxon. The real Saxon will be one that featured the five original members. Maybe one day that'll happen and it would be nice if it would be just like KISS and got back together. The Oliver Dawson version of Saxon has three Saxon members playing. It's a classic lineup playing a classic set, we're not living in the past. Me and Steve so much enjoyed playing these songs because like I said they're all fresh to us because we haven''t played together for such a long time, so it's been a blast really."

The split - "I didn't leave Saxon, me and Biff split up. So I got back with Steve Dawson and Pete Gill to reform Saxon, but at that point in time we didn't have a vocalist. Ted from Thunderhead offered to sing but we felt that with an American singer what we'd like to do is do the Son Of A Bitch project while the lawsuit was sorted out and that's what we did on that."

The name - "Mr. Dawson registered the (Saxon) name in 1978, that form of registering document seized in around '89 or '90. He re-applied, re-registered - changed the paperwork, which he did and he also included me on it as well. Me and Steve actually founded the band, we actually auditioned Biff and Paul Quinn to come and join us."