MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP - "I Like To Channel My Energy And Put It In The Moment."
by Martin Popoff

HardRadio.com caught up with MICHAEL SCHENKER for a few minutes just after sound check at his triumphant return to Toronto's The Rockpile for a two-night stand, the west side venue with excellent acoustics quickly becoming the go-to place for legends of classic rock (ULI JON ROTH returns, also for two nights, in February next year).

"We're going to make a new album after this tour," says Michael, cheerful, focused, fit and rejuvenated with a string of high quality albums and tours to his name as of late. "It'll be with Doogie White, Herman Rarebell, Francis Bucholz - the European lineup. We have a live DVD coming out shortly as well, with that lineup."

"You know me. I can't describe music," laughs Michael, "but I'm writing all the time, but in terms of other projects or guest things, you know, I don't plan that kind of stuff. Right now, I just focus on the moment, and the way it appears at this point in time, we are finishing this tour and then I'm going to get together with the other guys and get direction, make an album, do whatever it takes. Little bits and pieces, and then as soon as it's ready, it will be a spring release, maybe?"

"That's an interesting question," notes Michael, asked what it's like playing with Herman Rarebell. "I've played with so many great drummers, and you win some and you lose some, I would say. There are some drummers that are incredibly technical, but they may not be as good as a wall for me to play to. But also, if you play with people who are extremely technical, you have to get used to them to understand what they're doing, and you have to play a bit more with an understanding of where they're coming from. Herman is a very solid drummer and is easy to play to, so you win and lose some, you know? (laughs). But I like his company also; he's great."

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