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By Martin Popoff

Were these guys local to your area or are they from L.A.?

"Oh, I don't have any idea where they're coming from. They're coming from wherever they're coming from."

Do you think you'll keep them for the next album?

"Well, it really depends if they're available. I can't afford to keep people on retainer and so when it comes time to make a new album, and everybody is available, obviously I would keep them, because they are very good musicians. But if they're not available, I have to choose other people."

That's the kind of vibe you always get from Michael, even, somewhat shockingly, when he talks about UFO, who incredibly (and apparently) are recording and touring shortly. "UFO is going to be doing a new record in February; that's when we start it. And then we're also planning to do festivals in Europe and America." The picture painted time and again, is of a guy in direct contact with his muse, turning over whatever he comes up with to whatever anonymous enablers are sent to his locked door. He speaks to me at length but with detachment about Gary Barden and Graham Bonnet, politely enough, affectionately calling them talented singers, but little else. Everybody seems to command the civil respect one affords strangers.

UFO, MSG... it barely matters. "I'm just being myself. It doesn't make a difference. Sometimes maybe somehow, subconsciously it makes a difference, like knowing who the singer is. But in general, I write with no vocals in my head or anything. I just write musically. To be honest, anything I wrote for MSG could have been UFO, because it's me, and I'm writing. But like I said, subconsciously there's a possibility that knowing Phil is going to sing, maybe I write in a particular way. But I'm not really definitely sure about that. But in general I always use the same technique, write in the same way. But it's quite possible that knowing who the singer is, makes a difference. Writing songs, I'm just being myself."

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