SCORPIONS - Made To Be Broken?
by Martin Popoff

SCORPIONS' new album Unbreakable is, no question, a heavy rock album, a welcome return after two experimental pop records. But is Unbreakable (out in North America a week from today) up to the standards of Blackout? Guitarist Rudolf Schenker thinks so, but fans aren't so sure. Here's Rudy talking to (in his colourful German/English manner - only partially edited) on the recent history of the band, and why Unbreakable is bound by power chords.

"Let's say it this way. We know that the '90s weren't so good for heavy rock. I mean, classic rock in the '80s was big, and then with 'Wind Of Change', we had a good bridge into the '90s, when grunge and alternative and stuff like this came around. But after that big hit, the fan base of the rock freaks weren't so happy about the success of 'Wind Of Change'. And also a lot of the '80s bands were splitting up because there was no work anymore and everybody was sick about this kind of music. And we were looking at 'What can we do?' We were looking for a new way. Through the '90s, we knew that rock would come back, no question about this. Because the rock in the ocean, with all the new waves coming and going, the rock is still standing; no question about this. But we didn't know when it would be."

"So, we were very lucky that we had the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra knocking on our door and asking to work with us; we were very surprised. And we didn't know whether we would do it. But somehow we thought it would be great, when we could do it. We were looking for a conductor and an arranger. We tried to convince Michael Kamen, to do a song with him together, but he couldn't get somehow the right conditions, the right situation with the record company. So he went to Metallica and did that whole thing. But then we found somebody from Austria, and he actually made the great job and we used them for the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra project, which gave us a really good way of working on our music in a different way, and learning about music and ourselves."

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