SCOTT IAN Interview
from BW&BK

BW&BK caught up with Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian minutes before the metal thrashing axeman hit the stage at the Bell Center in Montreal, Quebec, as part of the band's current reunion tour opening for JUDAS PRIEST. The entire chat is as follows:

BW&BK: How's the reunion tour going?

Scott Ian: "Good. It's like any other tour I've done with this band. Long boring days followed by 60 to 90 minutes on stage."

BW&BK: Nostalgia tour or the future of the band?

Ian: "It's just a reunion tour."

BW&BK: What about (singer) John Bush. He seems to think he's out of the band...

Ian: "Nothing has ever been said. No one's been fired and no one's quit. There's no answer to this and anything you've read online is the same answer you'll get now. We just don't know what we're doing after this. We don't know who's singing. We don't know what's going to happen. We've committed to a reunion tour for a year and tour the world once with this line-up. Then a magic light will shine on us and we'll know what's going to happen next."

BW&BK: What about the rumours that Sharon...

Ian: "It was Sharon Osbourne, Donald Trump and Bill Gates put up a billion dollars each and that's why we're doing this reunion tour opening for Judas Priest."

BW&BK: How is it to be on stage with Priest coming on after you?

Ian: "It's great. As a fan and a guy in a band, it's the perfect situation. We love Judas Priest, we get to go on tour with them, we get to go to a lot of great places that we would never have played, Priest plays every night and I get to hear 'Beyond The Realms Of Death'."

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