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from BW&BK

BW&BK: How is it rediscovering your old songs like 'Belly Of The Beast'?

Ian: "It's great. I never thought I'd play 'Medusa' again in my life and 'Time' which I'm hoping we'll play more when we do some headline dates next year. I would love to bring back 'Skeleton In The Closet'"

BW&BK: Are they inspiring you or are you thinking 'Ugh, the old songs again'?

Ian: "We haven't played these songs other than 'Caught In A Mosh', 'Indians', and 'I Am The Law' and I don't get tired of those plus we're playing the full arrangements again."

BW&BK: Will this affect the next Anthrax record? Will you start at We've Come For You All and take a step from there or look back and say 'that was cool' we should...

Ian: "We never think about it in those terms. We just start writing and it's never been a case of looking at what we did. Once we're into it, of course, we want things to be better, but that's such a weird thing to say. It's hard to judge stuff like that. When an album is done and I've had a chance to live with it, the consistency of it... The true test is how many songs end up in the live set and how long we end up leaving them in the set. We still play five songs from Among The Living which I can't say about any other record. When we start playing material from We've Come For You All again; I'm sure there will be four or five songs off that record that will always be in the set."

BW&BK: Do you think you'll start playing those with Joey (Belladonna)?

Ian: "No, not on the reunion tour."

BW&BK: But maybe if you go past the reunion tour?

Ian: "We don't even know who's going to be in the band past the reunion tour. It might be like KISS and we'll just build robots to go out as Anthrax."

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