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from BW&BK

BW&BK: You've also got four releases that have just come out (Anthology - No Hit Wonders on CD and DVD plus Alive II on CD & DVD)...

Ian: "We didn't want four releases. We wanted two releases - the live DVD documenting the reunion tour with a bonus CD and No Hit Wonders as a CD with a bonus DVD, but both labels said 'no, we can't release them with bonuses because it'll cost too much.' We told them that we thought it was ridiculous to release four pieces of product. If you expect people to buy both, they're going to spend the same amount of money if not more to buy four pieces. The way I look at it is buy the live DVD and the remastered CD. I know I'm shooting myself in the foot by saying that, but we look at things like fans. Give them a thing with a bonus even if it costs a couple bucks more. Fans will appreciate that more rather than thinking 'why the f**k do they have four pieces of product out?'"

BW&BK: Let's talk about the three guys that have come back. It seemed like a nastier split with Frankie (Bello).

Ian: "Seemed is a bad word to use. Nothing was ever said, so why did it seem nasty? Unless you hear something from our mouths or read something on OUR website. Nobody ever said any reason why Frankie left or what really happened and no one will ever know. The most frustrating thing I find about the internet and websites is that they're double-edged swords. They're great for metal bands or any new band that doesn't get the support of the bigger media, but everybody expects instant gratification now and it just doesn't work that way. When something is going on in our camp be it the reunion tour, a member change or whatever; we can't control it. If we could keep that information locked between us then have it come out... If I could find out how to keep things secret that would be great, but we can't. People talk and then there's rumour all over the internet and people bitch at us 'why didn't you tell us first?' Because you'll find out when we f**king tell you. I don't go to bands' websites forty f**king times a day to find out if he took a shit that morning. Have some mystery to what's going on or go outside and ride your bicycle."

BW&BK: That's one of the main differences between music now and back then. There was a mystique to LED ZEPPELIN, a mystique to KISS...

Ian: "Yeah. There was only a couple of magazines. No MTV, no internet, no anything. You'd find out when they'd announce a concert if you were lucky enough to have the radio on when they announced it or by hearing it from a friend at school. It was a word of mouth thing and it made for a much tighter knit cooler rock community. Less backstabbing and fighting... band message boards are just there for people to yell at each other and fight."

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