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from BW&BK

BW&BK: Message boards are useless. It's like so and so sucks dick...

Ian: "Exactly! Music is opinion, so why argue over it?"

BW&BK: Some 'news' sites even have 'reader's rants' with the news story. It's like Tommy Lee gets hit by fireworks and the rants will all be 'Tommy Lee sucks dick.' Why is that necessary?

Ian: "It's moronic. It goes with the dumbing down of our culture in general. In America it's all about reality TV, tabloid press... it all goes hand in hand."

BW&BK: So no Anthrax reality show?

Ian: "I wish. We should have been filming this from the start back in December last year when we first started talking. Even if it wasn't a reality show, we'd have a better movie than METALLICA. We have as much drama, but different and we can't afford the psycho-therapist."

BW&BK: Some final quotes - Frankie playing bass feels good to you?

Ian: "Great, yeah."

BW&BK: Joey?

Ian: "Joey is doing amazing. I think Joey has really stepped up. It's weird because a lot of people asked what's it like and I'm like 'you know a lot of my memories of those times in the '80s come from pictures'. It's like you think you have memories as a kid, but most come from a picture you look at in a family photo album. A lot of my memories from the '80s are from photos or videos, but the actual emotion of what it was like to be on stage in 1988 in Casper, Wyoming; I don't have a f**king clue. I don't - I just can't remember. So getting to do this again - this second chance is a great feeling and it does feel great. It's filling up a space because things happened so fast for us back then; '84 to '91 happened like 'bam'. So, getting to do this now and reconnect with these guys is a great thing. Even if nothing else comes from this. Just knowing that I can go the rest of my life being friends with Joey Belladonna and friends with Dan Spitz because we spent a long time apart. If we had never done this reunion, I may not have ever seen or spoken to those guys again for the rest of my life. This reconnection is only positive and if you're a fan or not, at least, respect it from a human level. I understand people don't like it. I love John Bush too and I miss the f**king hell out of John Bush and I love John Bush's voice. That was the reason we got him in the band. He's a f**king great singer. Joey's a f**king great singer. We're in a really weird place and time right now."

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