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from BW&BK

BW&BK: and musically...

Ian: "Look, I've said it before and I'll say it again Rob Caggiano is the best guitar player I've ever played with. The difference with Danny on stage is that Danny (Spitz) plays the solos exactly as they were recorded. Rob played the key parts of the solos, but would do his own thing as well (which none of us had a problem with). Danny plays them as he wrote them so it sounds like the record. It's an Anthrax set that I hadn't heard in a long long time and it sounds great. It sounds like Anthrax and those records. I don't even remember what it sounded like back then. I don't listen to Spreading The Disease in my off time. It just feels really good hearing the band now."

BW&BK: Rob also produced the band - so regardless of who you go with. Does Rob have a shot at producing the band?

Ian: "Absolutely. I don't see why not. If we go ahead and make a reunion line-up album, he'll be the first producer I'd throw in the mix and say that we should call. He does an amazing job and nobody knows the band better."

BW&BK: He did We've Come... as well as The Greater Of Two Evils with John doing Joey's songs. (Jokingly) will you do the Lesser Of Two Evils with Joey doing John's songs?

Ian: "Now, why is that the lesser of two evils (laughs)."

BW&BK: Well, you can't have the Greaterest of two evils...

Ian: "The greatererest of two evils (laughs). No, we're not going to have Joey sing John Bush's stuff. I don't think that's going to happen. We just got to get Neil Turbin in the mix somehow and then everyone will be happy."

BW&BK: ... and Dan Lilker

Ian: "That'll be for our Vegas show (jokingly). Motley Crue is going to Vegas for nine months. So, we could do that Anthrax - This Is Your Life where we all have costumes and wigs to look like '81 and it'll be Anthrax through time. Everyone who's ever been in the band will , at some point, be on stage playing."

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