SCOTT IAN Interview Page 6
from BW&BK

BW&BK: The final word... the future?

Ian: "We're not going to know until Charlie (Benante - drums), Frankie and I get together and start writing some songs. Frankie, Charlie and I are the core of the band and we have to stay together. I truly believe that and we need to get in a room, start writing, get some music together and hope that that will give us some clue of what's going to happen. The bottom line is that there is a logical conclusion to a reunion tour based on what other bands have done. You go and make a record, but we're not every other band. I wanna make a record with John Bush and I wanna make a record with Joey Belladonna. How do we do that?"

BW&BK: You make a double disc album...

Ian: "I'd love to see the record label sort that out..."