SCRAP METAL - Mister Sister Christian Assistin' Page 3
by Martin Popoff

"You know, I know Eric from back in the day," says Keagy, in closing, asked about this group of good guys. "We came up in the same ranks in the Bay area, at the same time. And then we actually did do some dates with Eric and Night Ranger and ZZ Top. We were on the ZZ Top tour in 1984. Eric and I really connected as far as being vocalists, because we really admired each other's work and stuff like that. So Eric and I bonded really well, and then I got back in touch with him when we did some corporate dates with Eric and Jack and myself in Baltimore. And then Mark Slaughter, we did the Rock Never Stops tour in 1986, with Ted Nugent, Night Ranger, Slaughter and Quiet Riot. So I connected with Mark at that point and just realized what an amazing vocalist, great songwriter, just like incredible rock voice. I mean, I really admire his energy, his stamina. He would be up there night after night, and I just really thought that Mark was the most amazing rock singer I'd ever... just because his range is so incredibly high yet he can sing really low too. Ask Mark to hit his imitation of Barry White. He does a good Barry White. Or Lou Rawls (laughs)."

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