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by Martin Popoff

Proven performers all, it's a classy gathering to be sure... "Well, these are the guys who are the singers and the voices of all that music," agrees Mark (trivia note: Slaughter's first two albums moved a total of five million pancakes in the states alone). "And they're great guys. We're not dealing with ego issues. We're dealing with people who are good singers and have worked on their craft year after year, and they're going to be out there doing it for a long time. Very, very cool."

"I really stuck with the hits," says Mark, asked about his own contribution to the pot. "I stuck with 'Up All Night', 'Fly To The Angels', 'Spend My Life', songs pretty much off the first album. There are a plethora of songs but only so much time. Very easily, if you add up four songs from each person, which is just the common thing that we would do, an average set for Scrap Metal is two hours plus, because there are so many songs. Every once in a while we will do a jam at the very end with different people, where we will let our hair down, so to speak, and go for it. But for the most part, we stick with the hits of the people who are involved."

Any Slaughter plans?

"Well, Slaughter is still together; we're still going strong. I just hung up on Dana. We were just bullshitting a second ago, which we do on an everyday business. That's something that is a staple in my life. Dana and I have been playing together since the Vinnie Vincent Invasion as you are very well aware of. It's something we developed, in Slaughter. We love the band and we love the music and it is something that we are planning to continue, making music with that as well. You know, Scrap Metal is not a bailing out point for all of the artists involved. What it is is an event and it's a party, that we are creating with all these different artists, that get a chance to just go out and have a great time."

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