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by Martin Popoff

With respect to Slaughter, Mark notes that it would be "touring right now for the most part, although we have written some songs. We've got some new material that we've done, meaning Slaughter. As well as Scrap Metal. There is an abundance of new music that I think we're going out with."

Scrap Metal? New material? "Yes, we'll do some stuff with them as well."

Mark adds that a live DVD would be in the probable category, plus... "We're working on a TV show as well, that we're pitching right now. Again, it's hard to tell with all this. You never know what's going to come with all this, or what's going to come to be. It's not going to be like the Bret Michael's show, that side of it. It's going to be more about the music and behind the scenes and really taking people into the different cities, that type of thing."

While Eric Martin croons soulfully through some Mr. Big classics, with Mark, you get that patented sassy shriek that could only come from him. I asked him if he's ever had any trouble with this powerful weapon from days gone by. "Every singer is going to have a period of trouble with his voice. To say that they don't is a complete lie. It is a human organ, and you know, if you're going to use it, it gets tired. Just like a football player, you have your injuries and everything else. You just keep going. You're either going to keep playing the game or you step out."

Is there an element of falsetto to what you do?

"No, it is what it is. I have a high timber in my voice anyway. Even my talking voice, even like right now, I'm tired, but it still has a high timber to it. It's how a person is wired, they're structured, and how it's done, more than, 'Hey, I do this right.' I'm not doing anything that much different than anybody else. It's just that that's the way I'm wired."

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