SENTENCED - Interview with Sami Lopakka Page 3
by Martin Popoff

Have you done some writing already?

"Yes, I've probably written for seven or eight years already. I have also been studying creative writing, and it is something that I feel comfortable with, and it seems something that, at times, I think I'm good at. So I will see how it comes out. I shouldn't brag about it beforehand, because it is a completely different form of art. But at the moment, for example, for the novel I'm writing, I have about 100 pages, and it seems to be coming out pretty easily. So that is something to start with."

Have you done other writing as well, short stories perhaps?

"Yes, I have 30 or 40 of them. But I look at those as some kind of rehearsal or evolving process. I'm pretty careful about what I let out, for other people to look at. I want to be ready when I offer something to somewhere."

Are you, or have you ever been, much of a record collector?

"No, not really. And it's been going down during the years. I've grown to enjoy silence more and more. When you rehearse, record, play live, and you're doing it all the time, you really grow to appreciate total silence as well. Nowadays, for example, I pretty much listen to music only when I'm drunk. So to answer the question, I'm not a big record collector."

If you had to describe with the Sentenced sound is or was, what would you say?

"I never came up with a description that would totally satisfy even myself. because in my mind, we have created a sound that is something of our own. It has elements from traditional heavy metal to melancholic, emotional and atmospheric classical music, even. But to really know what the Sentenced sound is, you have to listen to it as there isn't really a genre or an easy category you can put us in. But of course melancholy is one big part of it, and the rocking-ness, the atmospheric parts and so on. And of course the really negative and depressive lyrics. But that's about as far as you can go with words, I think."

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