SEPULTURA - Continental Divide
by Tim Henderson

Here's an update from Andreas Kisser on happenings within Sepultura, who get ready to launch their new album Nation in mid-March, 2001.

"We just finished the recording last Sunday. We've been in a Rio for two months and right now I'm at my house in Sao Paulo, and we're just getting ready to go to New York to do the mixing, and we're going to do that in the first week of December. We've been down here since August 1999, writing and working in Sao Paulo. And we worked on the pre-production with Steve Evetts, the guy who produced the album, here in Sao Paulo. We have very good studios down here in Brazil, and our concern was to find the right guy to engineer and produce, and Steve was that guy. And it's good to stay here with all our equipment and it's our hometown and our family is here. It really helps to make a good album."

Lyrically, is it once again the Andreas Kisser Show?

"No, everybody was involved. Even Igor brought in two lyrics for the first time, 'Sepulnation' and 'One Man Army'. 'Sepulnation', Derrick helped Igor put that one together. And the rest is all me and Derrick. It's the first time we had more than two people writing the lyrics. Lyrically, Derrick and I get along very well. He has such a different way of putting his ideas. He uses so many different words. Being an American, he has so many more options. But we write pretty much the same way. Igor has a different style, almost a Max style, more personal and passionate. Myself, I like to write stuff that is more open to interpretation, stuff that makes people think, to come up with their own point of view."

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