Sepultura - Headbanging The World Drum
by Martin Popoff

"I was in the Canadian Embassy in London to get my visa to come over here, and there was a little interview. It was the weirdest question. 'What kind of music do you do?' And I said 'heavy metal.' And the guy said, 'do you bite off mices' heads on stage?' And I'm like 'what!? What kind of question is that?' Ozzy kind of shit. That was very much unexpected, especially from an embassy."

Such is the life of Andreas Kisser and his globetrotting world metal band Sepultura, out doing press for their newly minted Nation opus, a record that seems earthier, less cluttered, more a band experience, vocalist Derrick Green oscillating between singing and hardcore barks, Igor still very much a prominent tribal component of the band's ever solidifying, identifying sound.

"We were just in Europe the last two weeks," begins Kisser when asked about the characteristically grand press tour plans for the band. "We've been to Spain, Germany, Holland, Belgium, England, France, and now we're here in Canada. I'm going back to Brazil tonight at 5:00, doing some more press, start to arrange the tour. Derrick's in Australia and Japan. Paulo was with me in Europe. Igor is down in South America. We thought we would pretty much present this idea all at the same time, in one single action and then get back on tour. But we've done so much stuff. It's like a different day in a different place. We do the general ones, Kerrang!, Metal Hammer, BBC Radio 1, which was definitely big, MTV 2 which is kind of getting big in England, some other TV stuff, Viva TV in Germany."

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