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by Martin Popoff

Do you read each other's interviews? "Yes, whenever it's possible (laughs). English, Portuguese and Spanish are no problem. There are things we don't normally talk about that are expressed to the fans through the press. It's interesting some stuff that comes up."

The idea of a 'single action' is very much a part of Nation and its far-reaching "one nation" concept, a plan which is going to involve fans in new ways, specifically to do with a band video, band posters, and of course the internet. Stay tuned. But in terms of the album itself, Nation is indeed a type of concept album.

"It's a concept we had very early on when we were writing the album. When we finished the Against tour we all came down to Brazil, Derrick and everything, and we just started writing and we had the concept of creating this nation, the concept of Nation, a world with no borders, no guns, no wars, a nation built on total respect and allegiance, a much more positive approach towards our planet ecologically, with water, air, trees. Overall, it's just a positive look towards the future, a positive attitude. But at the same time it's a very rich concept. Musically and visually as well, we can do a lot with the concept. We've been influenced by Communist artwork, although it's got nothing to do with that. But just the way they do the artwork, with the characteristic colours and stuff. So everything is linked to this concept and it really influenced us and it's something we've always been looking for."

Are you into collecting old Soviet propaganda posters? "Actually, it's something that I'm starting to get more interested in, especially after the Nation concept. We're really after stuff like that. We were in Russia in 1992, and I got some army coats and hats and pins that we got really cheap over there. It's something we're learning right now, especially myself. I've been to some websites that are selling those kinds of posters; it's amazing, but expensive."

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