SEPULTURA - Continental Divide Page 2
by Tim Henderson

How is the production different? With about the sounds Steve came up with?

"Beautiful (laughs). Again for Against, we used eight different studios and the sound and production suffered. But with this one we had all the material done, and we had a lot of time to think and rethink stuff and try different sounds and different pedals. And Steve was the perfect choice for producer for us, because he knows everything there is to know technically and he doesn't need an engineer in there, nothing, and that's what really impressed us. It helped a lot to make the album flow. We used a lot of different stuff, basically all the stuff we use on stage plus some different heads for the guitars. We used only one studio so like I said, we got to focus more on the sound. It sounds a lot better, a lot heavier."

Look for the band's cover of the Bauhaus' 'Bela Lugosi's Dead' to make the album, with b-sides in various territories tapping performances of 'Annihilation' by US hardcore band Crucifix ("fast and short") and 'Rise Above' by Black Flag. Also on the official album, look for a piece by Finnish heavy cello-heads Apocalyptica.

"They do, like the theme for 'Sepulnation'," notes Kisser. "I sent them a theme on the acoustic guitar and they developed it for the four cellos and the song is f**king amazing. The song will be called 'Valdio' which means union in Finnish. It's kind of a position we have, that we get people to name songs in their own language, like we had the Kodo drummers from Japan on the last album."