Sevendust Head Out To The Highway
by Martin Popoff

Tapped by the gods for imminent commercial success, the lads in Sevendust are thankful for what portion can be ascribed to luck, and proud of what can be ascribed to their own hard work, that is touring, touring, touring and more touring. The first album went gold and the latest one is getting close. It will surely arrive and surpass, given the record's innovative rhythms, warm hooks and organic arrangements.

It is a solid, instantly likable record, stuffed with the band's affable personality musically, even if the lyrics are still face down in the gutter. Guitarist Clint Lowery can see this changing soon, starting with their first newly minted song 'Just Yesterday'.

Clint speaks. "We were just discussing that last night. With the new stuff, there's going to be different melodies, effects, tonalities, vocals, guitars, totally try to change the whole tone and mood of the band." Drummer Morgan Rose elaborates. "Because our lyrics, it's kind of strange, most of them are kind of depressing, but not like the The Cure. Nobody wants to kill themselves in the band. But a lot of our music doesn't really match that mood. Not to over-exaggerate it, but I don't want to be singing 'my life is shit,' and be playing some happy positive vibe over the top. Clint: "what he is saying is that we haven't really matched it up lyrically and musically yet."

Much of the strife coming from the lyrics has to do with the loss of home, most of it due to the soul-destroying nature of the road, ergo the title of the record, Home. Morgan explains, "that name just stuck in everybody's mind. You can take it however you want, but it was like home is where the bus is, home is not where people really think it is, home is on the stage, we're never home, we are always home. The name kept coming up. It was like we never seemed to be home in Atlanta, so we had to rename the road our home."

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