Sevendust Page 3
by Martin Popoff

Morgan: "It's a weird feeling when you go up and you watch someone play and you want them to have a good show. That's when you know the competition is healthy. There were a few nights where one of us would have a bad night. If we had one, they would be really upset and if they had one, we would be upset. There are other bands, and I see them... I just don't like to hear, 'we really wiped the stage with those guys tonight!' You know, worry about your own gig a little bit. There's always a bigger penis around that is going to knock you around. Slipknot is the John Holmes of dingalings right now. They're just knocking everybody around!"

But at the moment, Sevendust are right up there in the dingaling Hall Of Fame, criss-crossing North America, breaking on radio, propelled by a rhythm section to kill for, laced with the versatile vocal melodies of Lajon Witherspoon (not to mention cracked with the management whip of one Jay Jay French, ex-of Twisted Sister!). Sevendust know that the grind of the road is a necessary evil, and they're prepared to ride it out, with adjustments. Morgan: "Take the word moderation, put it on the board and shoot it with a bazooka gun. That's what we did on the first tour. Everything we did was just not in moderation. We still have a lot to learn about surviving and not killing each other, let each other have their space, respect each other, be considerate. I mean, it's amazing that we can actually do it. We're very close as a band. There's no way anybody can deny it because we did 21 straight months together, and we took three weeks off and we were back together again. We've basically been right next to each other for ages. When you're in the apartment, you can leave. But when you're in a traveling tube, you can't lock your doors. I mean, the locks on my door is a snap on a curtain, and you can hear it all."

Has the band ever thought about notching it back a bit, as commercial success grows? Clint: "No, I think we would just improve the conditions, maybe get another bus, and get some more space. Right now we're with the crew and everything. And obviously, now with children being involved, with Morgan and his child with Rayna, we're going to have to lighten up a little bit, just because of the fact that there are responsibilities. As a band, we'll be there to support that for them, because it's going to come around like that for everybody. But we're always going to be a heavily touring band, because we know that's what put us where we are in the first place."