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by Martin Popoff

Where can we hear some interesting, difficult drumming stuff on here?

"The first song, definitely, 'The Light That Blinds'. There's like a middle solo section that I keep calling my 'Tom Sawyer'-ish drum fill (laughs). That and 'The Power Of I And I'; there are a lot of songs, the second to last song, 'Eternity Is Within'. Pretty much every song for me is a challenge, even if I'm not playing incredibly fast double bass or something like that. My first rule is that I play for the song. I'm not looking to pat myself on the back and get every lick in. If it's called for, it's called for. For me, having a cool drum part doesn't mean it's necessarily really fast or technical. Like, for example, 'What Drives The Weak' is not one of my more difficult songs on the record, but it's got some cool little things I do in there, like with the splash cymbals, that make a cool song for me to play, one that I enjoy playing live."

I asked Jason if he could cite for us one of the more interesting things he's learned with respect to the business side of his heavy metal career, to which he quickly replied, "You don't get something for nothing. That's it. That's my biggest business lesson. Every step forward you take, you're going to have to give something. There's going to be something you have to give up in order to get that. For example, let's say Ozzfest. You know, we wanted to be on Ozzfest last year. Well, it costs $75,000 to be on Ozzfest. Well, our label paid for that. But, in order for them to pay for that, we had to make some amendments in our business dealings with band. Nothing that we couldn't really not live with, but what I'm getting at, is that for everything you get, you have to give something up as well.

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