SHADOWSIDE - "We Can't Do This, We Cannot Play This, We Can't Perform This!"
by Martin Popoff

Confounding expectations looks like it's going to continue to be this Brazilian band's trade. Witness SHADOWSIDE's third album, Inner Monster Out, on which the band mesh unapologetic hard rock melodies with a visceral type of Swedish thrash, captured for them by the legendary Fredrik Nordstrom, halfway across the world.

"We radically changed the way that we worked with the album," begins (female) vocalist Dani Nolden, promoting the new album, out now for the first time in North America through Inner Wound Records. "This time we decided that we didn't want to really think too much about the album's direction. The past couple of albums, we kind of worried too much about what the fans would think, what with the press would think, and I think we ended up limiting ourselves. Because on the first album we were very worried about doing what our favorite bands were doing. You know, we were following them. And on the second album we were too concerned about what we were doing, and we decided that we didn't want to sound like our favorite bands. So once again we were thinking about what other people were doing, and what other people would think. So when we started creating Inner Monster Out, we decide to scrap all that, and just think what we liked. And we decided to just create naturally, to let the songs flow, to just write like four friends playing together and having fun together. We didn't really feel we had to follow a subgenre, fit a subgenre. Because we can never agree on our favorite bands; the four of us are into really distinct things. Our drummer likes thrash; I like hard rock, like groovy guitarists. So we allowed it to be heavier, melodic, and the only thing we did was try to unite the best of both worlds. We wanted the energy and intensity of extreme metal and we wanted to use the beautiful melodies, catchy melodies, of power metal, traditional metal. That's pretty much what changed. So I would say it's more mature."

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