SHADOWSIDE - "We Can't Do This, We Cannot Play This, We Can't Perform This!" Page 2
by Martin Popoff

"He was pretty much our guide," says Dani of producer Nordstrom, who managed his usual crisp separation despite a lot going on within the songs, and a lot of ground the band was trying to cover. "He was an experienced guy, the one that would tell us if what we were doing sounded good or sounded like crap (laughs). And one thing is that he's very much a perfectionist, and he would never allow us to say, 'We can't do this, we cannot play this, we can't perform this!' He would just ignore us and continue recording. It was amazing, because he didn't let us put a limit on our capabilities, and he didn't try to change our personality. He didn't try to deviate us from what we wanted to do. We arrived in Sweden telling him we wanted something heavy, we wanted something massive, and he never tried to convince us to do something different, something more aggressive, maybe, because he's very known to work with death metal bands. And he just respected us very much. He allowed us to create whatever we wanted, and he would just tell us this sounds good, this doesn't sound good, and he was the guy that we could trust, the guy that had experience, that we didn't have before, probably. He was very much like our coach, the guy that was behind us, behind the scene, telling us what we were creating, if what we were creating was good enough."

One imagines that Nordstrom must have been intrigued when he first heard Dani's stadium rock vocals. After all, "My main influences were probably guys like FREDDIE MERCURY and SEBASTIAN BACH," explains Nolden. "Those were the ones that really got me into music when I was growing up. I used to play QUEEN very loud in my bedroom and tried to sing aloud with Freddie Mercury's tunes, and that's the one that probably made me pursue a musical career, at first. But then I started listening to heavy metal, hard rock, like JUDAS PRIEST and DEEP PURPLE and things like that. And that's what really inspired me to actually start a band and try to sound like them, but I didn't really have very many female examples of women in rock. I think the only thing I knew about women in rock was L7, and that's not really metal, so I didn't really try to follow women. I just wanted to try. There was nobody back then to tell me that I couldn't."

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