SHADOWSIDE - "We Can't Do This, We Cannot Play This, We Can't Perform This!" Page 3
by Martin Popoff

In closing I asked Dani for a profile of Inner Monster Out's lyrical themes. "I would say the album talks very much about the human mind. It's very much a journey through a person's imagination, dreams, fears, perversions, personality disorders, I would say nobody is really normal, that everybody is a little bit crazy, a little disturbed--I think that's probably what normal means. Nobody is completely sane, when we look up close. So the album deals with the human duality of everybody having two sides to the same personality, as well as situations that lots of people live, but we cannot fully understand. Like domestic violence, for example. Lots of women suffer abuse, and sometimes they make up excuses for the abuse, because they don't want to leave the situation. Maybe you want to leave it, but they don't realize that they can. So sometimes women say, that's his way of showing love, and she doesn't really know that she can escape, and that there's a different life out there. I was wondering what goes through a person's mind when they have to face that kind of situation. But it's very nonjudgmental, you know, just very much my own observations about my own mind and people around me."

Onward and upward is the call to arms for Shadowside, as they've recently landed the opening spot on the upcoming European HELLOWEEN and GAMMA RAY tour. Nearly 40 dates at last count, this should be a career highlight for the Brazilian four-piece, hard won after 11 years in the biz, but fully ready with a multi-dimensional record sure to win over traditional metal fans.