SHAWN DROVER - "Im An Advocate For The Heavy Stuff" Page 2
by Martin Popoff

"It's heavier than 'A Tout Le Monde', and that's a live staple. That was a hit for the band back when they wrote that song. But I'm sure, back then, some hardcore fans probably bitched about that song too. But it's one of the songs that goes best over in our set, you know what I mean? I get it. I get when certain... probably some younger fans and stuff... they want everything to sound as heavy as Killing Is My Business. It's just never been like that. No record has been as heavy as Killing Is My Business. That's the most violent record we have. And I get it, I'm an advocate for the heavy stuff. I'm that guy-the heavier the better as far as I'm concerned. But Dave likes to stretch out sometimes and do different things. And he's got the balls to do it. I'm not saying that it's right or wrong, but I think it's really cool that he isn't scared to try something a little bit different sometimes."

Shawn's definitely a rocker, as evidenced by his contribution of 'Head Crusher' to Endgame, as well as 'Built For War' to Super Collider.

"That's just a matter of Dave saying, 'Hey, you got any ideas?' 'Yeah, I got some ideas.' 'Well let's hear 'em; what have you got?' So I'd record my ideas and stuff, and he liked a couple of things that I submitted. And he said, let's focus on this one riff, and it just so happened that Chris... Chris and David, of course had some ideas as well, and one of the riffs that Chris had was the opening part of 'Built For War', before it jumps into the verse. And it fit really well with what I was doing, and then Dave-this is pretty much close to the end of the day-he said, 'Look, if you have any more ideas, I wanna do this kind of breakdown in the middle of the song. See if you can come up with something.' And I had an acoustic guitar, and I came up with this thing that night, and that was submitted into the song the next day. And Dave actually contributed one musical part to the song; he had a part that was kind of missing from the song, which he wrote. So that was a three-way collaboration. That was the first time that happened in the band, so that was exciting. And it came together literally within 24 hours of Dave hearing the idea. Constructing the song to me going in to record the drums was a process of about 24 hours."

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