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by Martin Popoff

"Obviously there's a huge difference between them," begins Drover, asked what ex-JAG PANZER maestro Chris Broderick brings to the table, contrasted with the contribution of the nearest and dearest sneer to our heart, Mustaine. "I think they really complement each other. Chris can pretty much do anything you ask him to. He's a great player-that's obvious-he could do all the crazy wacky Marty stuff, the CHRIS POLAND stuff, and he can emulate pretty much anybody you ask him to. If you listen to 'Cold Sweat', he pretty much nails the JOHN SYKES solo, the half that he did, note for note. Which I really appreciate him doing that, because Sykes is one of my all-time favorite guitar players. But Dave is obviously a complete originator; he completely has own guitar sound. Soon as you hear it, you know it's Dave. You can tell it's a Megadeth song just from Dave's guitar playing-that's a cool thing in itself. So I really think that those two styles really complement each other. Because now we've got everything we need. If you want a wacky blistering solo with all these weird exotic scales, there you go Chris, you can have at it; if you want something more erratic and something completely in-your-face, wacky playing, Dave's your guy. They both provide cool and interesting different elements to the overall sound of Megadeth. I think it's great."

In closing, I asked Shawn for his favorite tour moments and memories on the Megadeth train. After all, it's been nine years going on ten, Shawn being a comfort and stabilizing factor in a band prone to members coming and going.

"Dude, there are so many," says Shawn, meaning memories, not guitar players. "Off the top of my head, I would have to say obviously the Big Four shows were a real high point in my career, doing this for nine years with the band. For me, playing the first show that finally, the combination of 26, 27 years of wanting these four bands to play together, and we finally pull it all together and do it, and the first show we did was in Warsaw, Poland. And depending on who you ask, there was between 100,000 and 125,000 people. And I just remember, ANTHRAX was on, and I just looked out and it was a sea of humanity that was out there. Everybody was in such great spirits and so happy that we could finally do this. We played, probably, whatever it was, 15, 16 shows over the course of the Big Four, but that one for me was the highlight, playing Warsaw, Poland to that many people. But we playing Yankee Stadium and that was a thrill. We were the first heavy metal bands to inhabit that venue. That in itself is amazing."

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