SHAWN DROVER - "Im An Advocate For The Heavy Stuff" Page 5
by Martin Popoff

It's interesting... it has been said that Clash Of The Titans in '90, '91 was the pinnacle for thrash as a genre. But maybe the Big Four clanging away together, all these years later, marks a new pinnacle.

"Yes, because we did that again, when we went out on tour two or three years ago-we went out with SLAYER, Anthrax. So we really did that again, so that was cool in itself too. We played a lot of great shows with that line-up. But the only thing that they really talk about was having the Big Four. Never knowing that it would really ever happen, in our careers, and I'm really glad that it all finally came together. It was great."

As Shawn, ever the metal historian, relates, there were circumstances beyond thrash's control that caused a bit of a trip to the wilderness for the genre, through the '90s. ? "Yes, well, if you remember at the time, when they did the Clash Of The Titans thing-what was that, '90 and '91?-you remember who the opening band was: it was ALICE IN CHAINS. Tides were about to turn in a dramatic way. If you remember, MTV playing all the metal stuff, and then all of a sudden the light switched off, and they weren't playing rock anymore, but it's PEARL JAM and SOUNDGARDEN, and obviously NIRVANA was the catalyst for that. Which is fine, but you're right, it got to that point and it never recovered from there, in terms of popularity, because the tide basically turned a 180. You know, a lot of bands didn't make it; they collapsed. But I guess what I'm getting at, the fact that we're still here in 2013, and all four of us are still here and thriving... that's a testament to our fan base, and a testament to good music. At the end of the day, good music is going to stand the test of time, and these four bands are living proof of that. And you can add EXODUS and TESTAMENT into that mix as well. We're always referring to the Big Four, but all those bands are still here, and we're all still creating good music, 30 years into the game. That speaks volumes, if you ask me."