BILLY SHEEHAN - Riding With ZZ Page 3
by Martin Popoff

We close on a cool note... actually the coolest possible. For who, anywhere, is cooler than the Rev. Billy Gibbons? Billy, it seems, rattled off a solo on the record (of note, another great, Mr. Dug Pinnick provided a vocal to a killer ballad called 'Turning Point'.)

"Oh yeah, having Billy Gibbons play on my record was one of the best things that ever happened to me, career-wise. Certainly one of the high points ever. And the fact that he came over to my house and laid it down here was just... I had tears in my eyes, I tell you. It was unbelievable. He's just the greatest, a living legend and he used to hang and jam with Hendrix, on top of being just a great guy. And the moment the first note he hits in that song, for that first solo note, after the song started, all my friends said the same thing, instantly they know it's Billy Gibbons. I'd say, 'Guess who's on guitar?' Billy Gibbons. Instantly they know. It's such a signature. So it was such an honour to have him, and he doesn't play on many... I don't think he plays on many other people's records. I've always sung his praises in interviews all the time, and rightfully so. And I know a lot of guitarists do. I think Joe Satriani's son is named ZZ. So Billy's influence spreads far and wide (laughs)."