SILENT FORCE - Send For The Priest...
By Martin Popoff

In one of power metal's well-pontificated shoulda coulda's, Pittsburgh's D.C. Copper almost got the nod to join Judas Priest, instead of Ripper, instead of Ralf Scheepers, instead of a couple other mystery folk who applied for the job of Metal God. But judging from Silent Force's second album, Infatuator, D.C. could have filled those big shoes quite well. Infatuator is a scorcher of a traditional Priest-style metal album, sparked by killer performances all around, from D.C. and his otherwise all-European gang of clangers.

With a sigh, D.C. acknowledges the glut of power metal bands out there, also adding that Silent Force, in some ways, fit the mould all too well. "I'm not one to kind of sit here and say ‘oh well, we have some kind of new breed of metal that we've developed and a new sound and everything because that's not absolutely true... that really doesn't happen anymore. It's very rare that you actually hear completely original bands come out with an awesome new sound. To me, no matter what the category of music is or what the style is, every lyric has been written, every melody has been sung, every guitar lick has been played, 1000 times in the history of music. It's all in the interpretation of the band. I think with Silent Force, we have a great team of musicians that interpret what we do fairly well with some type of individual style to give us somewhat of our standout style. That's what's going to jump out at people and hopefully they can understand that because of the hard work that goes into it. You know, this is a team of musicians that is just absolutely fantastic. The way everybody is able to work together... like right now, while I'm not in Europe, I know they're busting their ass to get the concert together. They're already rehearsing the material for the new concert tour. So I happen to know there's not too much downtime for anybody. We all pool together and we're in this for the long haul. This is a band I'd like to see continue on for quite some time."

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