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By Martin Popoff

"Very limited," notes D.C., when asked about the backgrounds of the members of Silent Force. "Especially with Torsten (Rohre), the keyboard player; he's definitely the young kid of the whole team. This is his first thing. When we came across him it was kind of like, Alex (Beyrodt - guitars) and I looked at each other, and we said, ‘we've got to sit down and talk with this kid.' His abilities as a piano player, as a keyboard player, are just fantastic. He had never been involved in anything too much before as far as a band is concerned. When we took him on tour for the first time, he was just like a little kid in a candy store. I think he had a blast. But he was probably one of the most professional people out of everybody while we were on that first tour. He's just a very level-headed person. Jurgen (Steinmetz - bass) was with a band called Headstone and they had a small amount of success in Europe, especially in Germany, whether album has sold pretty well, and a different club tours, things like that. And then Andre (Higers - drums) is pretty much the same caliber. He had worked with Alex on the Signet album, and other than that, the background is mainly between Alex and I."

Touring is taking place with Angra and Rhapsody for now, the band particularly looking to the Rhapsody leg to capitalize on their foothold in the German market, Silent Force, essentially being a German band.

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