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By Martin Popoff

And what the hell's an Infatuator?

"That was kind of an accident," laughs D.C. "The word infatuator doesn't really exist in the English dictionary, so I made it work. Whenever I'm writing lyrics and melodies, I sing everything from 'my dog has fleas' to 'the cow flies over the moon.' I'm only concentrating on syllable counts and melody. Whenever someone hears a song, the next day they're in the shower, or they're driving to work, and they're singing the song, they're not singing the words most likely. The melody is the hook. The melody is what's going to catch people first. So Dennis Ward, my one producer, who is the producer I worked with on the solo album, that was something he drilled into my head as far as just making sure. He would come out and say, ‘I don't give a damn what your lyrics say; I just want a good hook, I want a melody.' So whenever I'm trying to work on or develop lyrics and melodies, I just say words. I just say words that kind of come together and fit the syllable and the structure. And the word Infatuator... we were all together in the rehearsal studio, and we had stopped and listened back, because we usually tape rehearsal sessions or our writing sessions, to see what was good. You kind of have to keep a record of what you're doing. And they started laughing, they were like, ‘what the hell is that!? What is the word infatuator?' And I stopped and started laughing too and said ‘man, I really don't know, but it sounds kind of good, doesn't it?' And then I started piecing things together and said, all right, let's figure this out. See, me and a thesaurus and the dictionary and a rhyming dictionary, we get along really well. I take them everywhere I go. So I looked around for it and it didn't exist, and I thought, infatuator, that's the one who causes the infatuation and all the craziness in someone's life. So that's kind of where it came from. And we had played that song on the Empire Future tour. We wanted to do something new so people could get a taste of the new album. And it's very strong and in-your-face and kind of aggressive and we had just kind of stuck with it. That was a song that was already familiar with people who saw us on the tour last year and the beginning of this year. So we kind of used that as the title track and used it as the title of the album itself."

In parallel to Silent Force, D.C. is working on his second solo album and a number of recording projects.

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