SILENT FORCE - Send For The Priest... Page 5
By Martin Popoff

And if you're from Pittsburgh - at least this year - family life also includes those indestructible Steelers.

"Oh absolutely! We were there at the game on Sunday. We took my father-in-law and my father to the game on Sunday and it was just absolutely fantastic. It's very difficult to get tickets, but we try to use our contacts. It was pretty nice. We were in the club seats on Sunday and you can just hang out and relax. It's funny because the club seats are a little bigger and more comfortable. I don't care; I didn't care if I was sitting at the very top of the stadium. Just being there is one of my favorite things about the whole situation. It was really nice weather the other day too. We are big Steelers fans; this whole house is, and a lot of our friends and we're starting to get pretty excited. But we have to do something. Chris Brown, our place kicker has to get his act together. Because if we get into the playoffs, and it's tied with three seconds left and you have to rely on your place kicker for a forty yard field goal... at this point in time nobody is very trusting of him. And he was normally very, very accurate up until that one game where he missed four field goals. That's amazing right there. His confidence has been completely shot. It goes either way. When he walks up to the football to kick it... I didn't even watch the other night. Every time he would step up to kick the ball, I didn't watch. I just kind of put my head in my hands and listened to the crowd and whenever they cheered, it was like, OK."

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