By Aaron Small

If you haven't heard of Silvertide, don't worry - you will. Before the band even got signed they opened for Aerosmith in their hometown of Philadelphia. A year later after securing a record deal, Tyler and Perry invited the boys back for a repeat performance. As if that wasn't impressive enough, Silvertide took the stage in front of Alice Cooper for a two week trek on the recent Dragontown tour, as well as playing a few shows with Journey. Late last year Silvertide released their barnstorming EP, American Excess. With the debut album due to drop in April or May, so much has happened in such a short time. Lively lead guitarist Nick Perri gives us the history of Silvertide, thus far.

"January 2001 is when the band crossed paths. Kevin (Frank, drummer) and I went to high school together; we'd been playing together for three or four years. We'd cut the same classes and go down to the music room and jam. Ten minutes down the road at another high school, Mark (Melchiorre, rhythm guitar) and Walt (Lafty, vocals) had been playing together and writing songs for two or three years. A mutual friend had brought us both to this open mic coffee house type thing; until then we had never met each other. The four of us got together and began to look for a bass player and found Brian (Weaver), who was Mark's neighbor and also went to the same high school as Mark and Walt. Then the band was formed."

"We started to do gigs and landed a residency at a club on South St. Every Thursday night for 54 weeks in a row, with only one week off, we played this club. That was only one night a week. There were points where we were doing four or five gigs a week. It was a full-time thing. We all had to leave school, whether it was high school or college. Then the Aerosmith thing came up in the summer of 2001 and generated such a buzz, we really started to get some press. Every week the shows grew bigger, the lines got longer. That's when we made a demo and started shopping it."

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