SILVERTIDE - The Story Of Page 2
By Aaron Small

"Pretty much every major label out there was interested, which was amazing in itself. One by one they started to come down and check us out. Then for three or four months, we did showcases in New York for all these labels. We got taken to a lot of dinners but from the first moment we met the guys from J Records, we knew they were the one. There was instant chemistry. So in January 2002, a year after we formed, we signed with J Records, which is the best decision we could have made."

"From there we asked for six months to write songs. We could have made an album right then but we wanted to get really tight as a band and play every single day, all day long, write tunes and have a good time. They were really cool. J Records rented us a house, 45 minutes outside of Philly. It was a big, beautiful old house from the 1800s on seven acres of land. It had nine bedrooms and what we called The Music Room, where we had all our stuff set up 24/7. We could rock out and play at three in the morning and no one would give a shit. That really helped us."

"Towards the end of the band house period, we made the EP. Half of it was done in Philadelphia and half in London. We hopped on tour in summer 2002. After we returned from the road, we spent even more time writing songs on only acoustic guitars; no electric guitars or amplifiers. We got five or six amazing songs from that. Currently we're still rehearsing and doing a show here, a show there while starting pre-production for the album. There's no doubt that we are going to deliver the best album we can. That's our number one focus."

Concise and informative, there you have it. The only thing Nick forgot to mention was the origin of the name Silvertide, and here it is. "The name Silvertide actually came from us hanging out and getting drunk on the beach of Ocean City one night. One of my sister's friends looked out into the ocean and said, 'that looks like a silver tide.' It had something to do with the moon I guess. It sounded cool so we added it to the list. We had 300 names, eventually they all got crossed off and we were left with Silvertide."

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