SIMON WRIGHT - Beastly Feast Of Dio's Best Page 2
by Martin Popoff

"Wyn is just a really great engineer," muses Simon. "He really knows how to work with Ronnie and to get the best out of Ronnie. And yeah, as far as guitarist go, they were all quite different. First, there was Rowan Robertson, a really young guy, but just really enthusiastic, more of a bluesy guy, and Ronnie really knew how to get the best out of him. Tracy G, he was more of a heavy metal guy, bit of a different guitarist, and Doug Aldrich, again, kind of bluesy. Craig Goldy has been there for a lot, has done a lot of work with Ronnie, and just really understands Ronnie and really got to know him really well. He's kind of the perennial guitarist."

"Yeah, but he'd come down hard on all of us at times," chuckles Wright. "Me, Scott, Craig, Rudy, Doug, all of us, at times because he'd want so much out of you. Sometimes he'd have to kick ass, because that's what a boss does. He taught me a lot. He taught me a number of things. One thing is that you should always respect your fans. And I did before but there's ways you can do that, you know? There's ways you can respect your fans, and it's letting 'em know as often as you can how grateful you are that they're there. He would do that a lot and I saw that. He would take up so much time to, you know, talk to his fans, greet them and remember them. He had a fantastic memory and would always remember their name and what their mother's name was, you know? It was just incredible to watch and be around. That hit a note with me. I always thought that's genuine... that's so genuine."

"But Ronnie just always worked really hard, and worked us really hard. He was always going over stuff and was one for changing things and trying new things right through the recording process. You know, whereas with other bands, it might have been, oh, that's good enough, he'd be looking at every little detail and trying parts out a few different ways. But yeah, Ronnie had to come down hard on all of us every once in a while. on Doug, on Craig, myself, everybody, because he wanted and he expected people to work just as hard as he did."

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