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by Martin Popoff

And what would be one of your fondest recording experience with the band?

"It happened on the first album. It started on Lock Up The Wolves and it continued on through every other album. It was a working situation and we were very creative. But we did like to have a little bit of fun on the side, yeah. But I do remember when we did Lock Up The Wolves, which was done in Reno, Nevada, at a place called Granny's House. Around the corner there was a bar called the Del Mar Station. I don't know if it's there now, but it was back then. We'd hit that place, ya know, on an evening. It was great. It was actually the first... there was a band on there and we kinda took over. That was the first place that I actually played 'Holy Diver'. So, we got up there and stared jamming and Ronnie got up there. I remember the place was really crowded with Marines for some reasons. I forget why, but they all befriended us and stuff, and were buying drinks. We had a great time. It was pretty much like that through all the albums. There was always stuff going on (laughs)."

"And I always enjoyed being on the road with Ronnie," continues Simon. "A particular favorite of mine was, we did Russia for I think four weeks. We started on the east and we worked our way west, all the way across Russia and the Ukraine and stuff. The only way you could really do it... we had our own plane; it was a small plane, what they called a Yak. That was just a really special time. You know, it was just all about camaraderie. We were all going through it together. There were some strange things happening. Strange hotels, and there were some rail journeys as well. We were all in the back having a great time. But it seemed like not many bands had gone through that country like that. And everybody, every place we went were crazy for it. It was like we were blazing a trail. I've said this before, but it just seemed like they'd never even seen a rock band there. So, it was just incredible! The people, the experience, the culture and the history of that country was just amazing."

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