Sinner: Metal's Safe Sanctuary Page 2
by Martin Popoff

And speaking of Primal Fear, work on their third begins in July (kinda goofy, but for the first part of this phone interview, I thought I had Mat on the line, hence the Primal Fear questions, which Frank was surprisingly useful in answering!). They are going to start recording their new album in July, over four separate sessions, and I think the release is scheduled for September or October. I think it's going to be very surprising, even tougher than the first two albums. I think you'll be surprised. Some song titles are 'Dying Star', 'Eye Of The Eagle', 'Angel In Black' and 'Iron Hand In A Velvet Glove'."

Frank (not Mat!) continues. "It will be recorded between tours. In three weeks Sinner are going to start playing support for Dio in Germany, and we're also playing some festivals here in Europe, with some headlining activities later this year, but there is nothing confirmed at the moment. In terms of sideprojects, well (laughs), I'm involved in every sideproject of the other members. There's plans for a Thin Lizzy tribute album. Primal Fear is going to contribute to that as well as Sinner. Then we did an Accept tribute album, where we did 'Balls To The Wall' and Primal Fear did 'Breaker'. For the moment it's still a secret what Thin Lizzy songs Sinner And Primal Fear are going to do."

Until both (either/or, all of the above!) hit your town, you can spend your time headbanging to the band's traditional, well-executed and metal-proud new album, a record bolstered by the band's signature two guitar attack, featuring Alex and new guy Henny Wolter, ex-of-Thunderhead, comprising a team that Frank considers particularly exciting. "Alex's style is more into Whitesnake and melodic things and he also provided the basic idea for 'Destiny' (ed. an awesome, hooky, orchestrated seven minute departure), and Henny is a guy that has his guitar more down at his knees (laughs) and plays more of the riff rock stuff like for example 'Signed Sealed & Delivered' or 'Pain In Your Neck'. I think they work very well together. The guitar work on this album is awesome."