Skyclad - Folked-Up And Metal Thrashing Mad
by Martin Popoff

With ten albums of devilishly literary folk-thrash hybrid rock under their codpieces, it is quite rewarding for fan and band alike to see Skyclad back with North American representation, Folkemon being the first since Prince Of The Poverty Line to see proper release on these shores. And itŐs particularly strong drink that Folkemon is a well-conceived, intelligently constructed and arranged heavier metal record for the band, Martin Walkyier and Co. having been away on folkier directions as of late. And for a succinct description of the classic hard Skyclad sound firing its way through Folkemon? Martin calls it "Jethro Tull meets Metallica on a lot of LSD."

"We really don't have any decisions or thought processes in Skyclad," affirms Walkyier when prodded on whether the cranking of the volume knob was a conscious decision. "We just do what we feel at the time. We had experimented; we'd done two albums The Answer Machine? and Oui Avant-Grade A Chance, which were much more in a folky direction, and I mean, at the end of the day we're all metalheads at heart. It's in our blood from many years ago. We figured we'd taken our folk direction as far as we really wanted to and it was time to return to the roots a little bit. What we try to do is learn with every album, and try to combine the things we learned from our folkier phase, which is the kind of vocal harmonies and other crazy ideas and incorporate that into the heavy style the band is known for, which I think we've achieved with Folkemon."

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