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By Martin Popoff

So would you say you are kind of carrying on the legacy of Allen?

"I mean, that's a great honor and a great compliment. I try to carry on what Allen did on the classic songs. It was my job, from Gary, you know, asking me to do the songs like they were on the record and play them note for note, and that's what I told him I would try do. On the new stuff I try to take a bit of myself and what I feel Allen would do, which really holds the integrity of the band. I always thought Gary Rossington without a doubt, his style and his sound you can pick out no matter what. I always said that he was the Keith Richards of southern rock 'n' roll. It had a very distinctive thing to it and it was beautiful. Hughie came from the Outlaws and all those guys were really great pickers. Everything meshes together and each particular style makes up the wall that Lynyrd Skynyrd is. And when you see this band... I mean, this band is full-tilt. Johnny and those guys like to joke that they keep me in a cage 60 seconds before show time and then turn me loose (laughs). It's a high energy thing and I think it works well together."

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