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By Martin Popoff

See the band live; please do. It is a spectacle to behold, an army of legendary personalities, each with a well-worn rock 'n' roll past. In addition, the Skynyrd show is one of those collaborations that transcends mere music. It is a community of people and songs. Plus, you get Ted Nugent firing things up with what is a sick demonstration of power in the term power trio. That's all I personally have seen so far, Deep Purple joining the tour late. But man, add Deep Purple to this, and folks, that is a package Tommy Lee can't even match. After all, Deep Purple, with the two Steve Morse-era albums, are making the very best creative decisions of any old reformed rock band, '70s and '80s both considered. Purpendicular and Abandon... bloody well brilliant.

I asked Rickey whether what we see from the three guitarists on stage reflects their personalities in real life.

"Probably (big laugh). Yeah, I think our guitar styles and the way we handle ourselves on stage are kind of a mirror image of what we are in real life. I'm pretty full-tilt in real life. I'm always on the go, I'm not a family man. I'm usually just out and out going all the time, youthful, and that's pretty well the way I play on stage."

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