LYNYRD SKYNYRD- Rammin' Southern Rock Down Yer Gullet! Page 5
By Martin Popoff

"Well, this is a funny thing. Man (sighs), there are so many Lynyrd Skynyrd songs. There are so many songs that if you don't play them, you get hammered by the fans. On the other hand, you try to play something different, and you leave out those other tunes, you're going to get hammered. It's a very tough thing to be able to put the set list together. But in the last couple of years, what we've been doing is these medleys. And we've come up with a brand new medley that dips back into some obscure old Lynyrd Skynyrd songs, but it comes off great and we still have some new material in there and the classics. And it's working so far this year. The old rarer songs in there are 'Searchin'', 'Country Boy' and I mean, those have rarely been played."

In terms of the next studio album, the band is definitely on no hurry, thinking about it piecemeal, Rickey vaguely proposing that we might see something next Spring. In the meantime, Gary and his wife Dale, also a back-up singer on this tour, are (slowly) working on an album, and Rickey's career as an actor seems to be ramping up all the time, having just done a movie with William Shatner and Dick Van Patten, as well as an episode of Nash Bridges.

In closing I had to ask Rickey if we would ever see the incredible Lynyrd Skynyrd tale in book form. "Well now, that would be a trip," laughs Medlocke, genuinely taken aback. "The only problem is, you might have to file it under fiction because I don't think people would really believe it."