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By Martin Popoff

And what was the artwork that got politely turned down?

"It got turned down because they couldn't guarantee that the album would be in the front of the store where it says new releases, know what I mean? The new release rack. They were really concerned about that so they even put a slipcover over the real cover, the Bible cover, which is understandable. I don't have a problem with that. Record stores would though, so... rather than have all that and just cause a bigger mess, you know, you make life easier for everybody."

The night before last was the last night that Biohazard was playing on the tour," answers Tom when asked about any rock star debauchery the band has gotten up to on the European tour. "And they were flying home today (ed.: Oct. something or other, a week or two ago, whatever, doesn't matter). And apparently Jeff and Kerry stayed with them. They were staying on the bus until nine in the morning until they had to go to the airport. So they were at the venue, and Jeff and Kerry stayed at the venue, and apparently they had a pretty crazy night, with some people they met (laughs). I'm assuming they did some pretty crazy things. But that's a hard one, man. At one point in my life, I stopped doing that kind of stuff. I stopped being stupid (laughs). You know, and that's not to say that anybody else who's doing anything like that is stupid. I'm just referring to myself as stupid. I'm not referring to anybody else as stupid, just me. I've grown up and things change a little as you grow older. But I've also learned that I want to keep my head together so I can perform, so I can do the shows. So when the kids come and listen and see Slayer, they can walk awake going, 'f**k, that was amazing!' Instead of going like, 'man, Tom sucked on the vocals! What the f**k was wrong with him?! He looked green too!' You know what I mean (laughs). 'He was stumbling all over the place. What the f**k's his problem?!' I've heard comments like that about other people and I cringe at the thought that I used to be stupid like that (laughs)."

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