SLAYER - A Chat with Tom Araya, Part III
by Tim Henderson

HardRadio's "Metal" Tim Henderson spoke in-depth to SLAYER frontman Tom Araya recently about a number of topics including the band's recent tour with MARILYN MANSON, rumours of his retirement, the worldwide state of heavy metal, the roots of Reign In Blood and the band's newly-released Unholy Alliance Tour DVD/CD. Part III of the chat is as follows:

MTH: Heavy metal has become more of a world-wide phenomenon with bands such as IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, MEGADETH and the SCORPIONS playing distant lands. Has Slayer seen a big change in the markets they can play now?

Araya: "You know what it is - these bands were able to play markets that nobody would've been able to play at in the '80s. So now, markets are opening up in areas that would have never even thought of having music played or concerts period. Now the countries that are opening up, these are the kids that have never seen Judas Priest, but they've been fans for f**kin' ever. These are kids that have never seen Iron Maiden. So these areas that are opening up, are opening up because that;'s what the people know due to the black market or the underground. However that worked and whatever they were exposed to. Sabbath could go play these places - everybody knows Sabbath. So these new avenues are opening up and it's opening up to the more well-known bands. The bands that are more established. We're not as fortunate as most of these bands because of who we are. There's a good chance we won't get asked to play Singapore again, even though we did a show there. We were asked to censor our set-list once we got there. And when we were there, we found out that there were issues with our album (Christ Illusion). They brown-bagged the album in Singapore. And while we were there, we were told that the album was completed banned and pulled off the shelves in India. So these new avenues that are opening up, there's a good chance that we won't be able to play those regions (laughs). For religious reasons I guess. We did play Korea a few years back, which was amazing. We had about 4,000 kids show up - it was a major bill. It was us, MACHINE HEAD and five other bands. But it was only the second time they'd had a concert like that there and the promoter was jubilant, happier than shit that he had the attendance he had. Thrilled that the bands were there period, that we showed up. I guess they have a lot of no-shows!"

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