SLAYER - A Chat with Tom Araya, Part III Page 3
by Tim Henderson

MTH: How would you describe the musical jump between Show No Mercy and Reign In Blood?

Araya: "We did it within three years, because in 1986 we came out with Reign In Blood. In 1983 we came out with Show No Mercy. In those three years, we evolved to Reign In Blood. From there, everything revolved around that - with speed and heaviness."

MTH: For most, Reign In Blood is that picture-perfect metal record of all time ... and you guys were all there!

Araya: "Yeah we were (laughs). I just knew that when I looked up and realized it was only 28 minutes and said 'is that all the songs'. And Rubin looked up and said, 'yup, that's all the songs.' We were recording the songs and never once did we even think to look at the times structured to those songs. Because they were complete songs. You don't give a thought about how long the song is. The only one we thought was short was 'Necrophobic'. That's the only one we knew - of course it's obvious that it's a short song. The other ones, we were singing them and playing them - 'arrggghhh, this is great.' We're getting down to the final vocals and doing the mixes - and we looked up and went 'shit, 28 minutes. Is that all the songs?" I look over at Andy (Wallace - Engineer) and with a confused look on his face he says 'there must be an error, that must be wrong. It's right, but that can't be right!' Then we talked to Rubin, and he said, 'well, you've given me ten songs.' It didn't state the length. He wasn't freakin' out - it was his label. Rubin is the boss - 'you've given me ten songs, nothing stipulates time.' He was happy - he thought it was great. He wasn't really concerned at all. They put the album on both sides of a cassette tape! If anything, that would be the one record that could've gone platinum (one million units in the US) because it was sold twice every time you bought a cassette. I thought - it was probably the only record we hit platinum with and we won't get credited for it.

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